SwiftUI: The difference between List and LazyVStack

An archive of a conversation I had on Mastodon

Thomas Ricouard
1 min readMar 1, 2023

It started with this Toot

I first got a reply from Chris from objc.io

My reply which start a whole other conversation about why I switched the main tilmeline in Ice Cubes from a LazyVStack to a List

And then Tony Arnold from Reveal jumped in as he’s working on a new feature in SwiftUI for Reveal

The gist is that LazyVStack is just lazy, but this is not even close to the UICollectionView / UITableView, List (which is still backed by a UIKit UICollectionView). Any of those reuse / cycle views are you need them. LazyVStack just grow in size, forever. So the longer it is, the more you scroll, the slower it get!

Let me know if you like this format!



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