ChatGPT and Midjourney will change our life. Forever.

We don’t realise it yet, but our daily workflow will be completely changed and integrated with those new kind of tools

Thomas Ricouard
5 min readDec 5, 2022
The prompt was “An AI taking over the world. Polygonal style. Retro Futurist.

I’ve spent a lof of time last weekend playing with first Open AI ChatGPT and then Midjourney. At first I laughed, then I started to be completely brain fucked at the possibilities, and then I finally realised the potential and started to use it for more productive endeavours.

Note: I could have used it to make a catchy, clickbait headline, but I didn’t:

This is one of the first thing I’ve asked Open AI chat, and it’s indeed working. Without searching Google or Stack Overflow, it can “imagine” simple code and write exactly what I asked for.

To get excited, you have to understand that that the following code is most probably not in any code sample available online or at least not written in this exact way.

Then I wanted the AI to write about one of my favorite thing, explaining to everyone how much better SwiftUI is compared to UIKit.

The example and the outlined plan to actually convince my colleagues is convincing. If I was to write an article about this, I would have wrote it in this way. I probably already did actually, and my Tweet and Medium articles are in this model training data most probably.

One more amazing example about coding here:

I wanted to go a little further and make it write an opinion piece, and I wanted to get both side of the story. First to to explain why SwiftUI is better than UIKit

And then the opposite opinion:

And indeed, both stories are convincing. I even hesitated to actually publish them as standalone pieces here…

Let’s then look at Midjourney:

A city ruled by artificial intelligence. Minimalistic style. Polygonale. Retro Futurist. Neon.

I finally decided that I wanted to get something productive out of all that.

I’ve recently started to work on a new Open Source application, a SwiftUI client for Mastodon.

And as silly as it sounds, having an icon for an application I’m working on is a big motivation to keep going.

Having close to 0 design skills, I’ve turned to Midjourney to try to make one that would fit the bill.

I’ve named the app IceCubesApp because Mastodon is a decentralised social network, so each ice cube is a community, floating in a common glass / universe.

I’ve started to query Midjourney with such queries:

My first queries looked like this

4 ice cubes, in a glass of water, the glass is floating in the deep space
An iOS app icon with ice cubes in a glass floating in space

And the results where already quite impressive but not entirely fitting.

I got much closer on this one

icon with ice cubes in a glass floating in space

And I’ve got some variants of the first one and then upscaled it to have my primary icon

And I got some really nice alternatives also:

It was always about digging of the same idea, stranded ice cubes, each reflecting there own communities. Separated but together.

Even if it’s not perfect, at least now I have an icon, and even some more, so I’ve built an icon selector within the app

I even generated icons for RunewordsApp, my app about Diablo 2 runewords

Here is some samples:

And some prompts:

1. triangular rune, Diablo 2 theme, with a symbol on it.
2. Diablo 2 icon, a rune with a Celtic symbole on it, triangular

Even if we don’t realise it yet, the latest iteration of AI tools like GPT3 chat and Midjourney are completely mid blowing. I don’t think my brain can even process how much possibilities it does open.

I couldn’t say it better than the following, which you an guess where it come from 😉

AI assistants are likely to play a significant role in streamlining and improving our workflows. By utilizing advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, AI assistants will be able to assist with a wide range of tasks, such as scheduling, data analysis, and even creative work. This will enable us to be more productive and efficient in our daily work, and allow us to focus on the most important and challenging tasks. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see AI assistants become increasingly integrated into our daily workflows, ultimately transforming the way we work.

And I have one scary variant

As AI technology continues to advance, we are approaching a future in which ChatGPT and Midjourney will play a significant role in our daily lives. These AI assistants will be able to assist with a wide range of tasks, fundamentally transforming the way we work. However, as we become increasingly reliant on these AI assistants, we must also consider the potential consequences. If we are not careful, we may be heading towards a future in which AI completely takes over our daily work, rendering us obsolete. This could potentially be the end of the world as we know it. It is therefore crucial that we approach the development and integration of AI technology with caution and careful consideration.

Two years ago chat bot were toys, it was fun. Today, it’s not toys to me anymore. I think we’re entering a new era and this is just the begining.



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