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📱 🚀 🇫🇷 [Entrepreneur, iOS/Mac & Web dev] | Now @Medium, @Glose 📖| Past @google 🔍 | Co-founded few companies before, a movies 🎥 app and smart browser one.

A tale about transitioning from a monolithic architecture to a packages based one.

SwiftUI illustration from Apple (

A deep dive into views and view models

Photo by the author.

The Case Study

Combine, services, models, and EnvironmentObject

Photo by the author.

A primer on some key protocols and property wrappers

Capture from the WWDC 2019 keynote about SwiftUI Data flow:

How to use the Redux library and integrate it in your SwiftUI app

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Part five: Tips and tricks, profiling, and what I’ve learned

The SwiftUI logo from Apple

Thomas Ricouard

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